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American termites eat roofs and columns.

They then form small colonies that feed on attics and interior materials. Native species of termites enter through the ground and feed on the subfloor. Therefore, the pest control company was able to assess the damage to the termites by doing a subfloor inspection. However, since American canopy termites eat away at internal components bit by bit, the damage is extremely difficult to detect and is not noticed until the dried feces fall out. In fact, few occupants are aware of the termites’ feces, and the termites can damage the main structural elements of a home almost undetected.
According to the team’s survey of homes damaged by American termites, about 40 percent of the damage is to roofing materials, 20 percent to exterior walls and eaves columns, and another 20 percent to interior components such as columns and window frames.
This means that the standard anti-pest treatment for new houses up to 1m from the ground level is not sufficient. Not only is it impossible to find the infestation, but it is also extremely difficult to find it, and even if you do find it, it is extremely difficult to determine how far it has been eroded.
Therefore, when it comes to American termites, it is best to treat the entire wood of the home with a chemical that can be practically applied to the entire wood of the home. Virtually the entire wood can only be treated for new construction.


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