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American termites likes cypress

It is believed that termites will avoid wood with a strong odor, such as cypress. In fact, if some materials such as cypress are used, it is not necessary to treat the house for termites.
However, according to a paper by Professor Yoshimura of the Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto University (2006), a technical advisor to our company, “Damage to American canid termites in Japan and countermeasures”, there is an example of wood that has been verified as being preferred by American termites.
Based on the results of the forced feeding and rinsing feeding tests, the overall order of preference of American cannabis termites is as follows

Spruce > bay moth > cypress > gum > red pine > cedar > bay cedar > larch > beech

Looking at the above, you can see that cypress, commonly used in Japanese houses, is at the top of the list. Up until now, the Japanese cypress was considered to be resistant to termites. However, it is not so effective against non-native species.
This is a big difference from the previously studied preference of Japanese native termites.


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