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An aqueous solution that can make paper flame-retardant. Adjustable degree of flame retardancy

soufa can easily make paper and pulp flame retardant.
Water-soluble boron-based flame retardant with extremely low toxicity. Spraying is also possible, so processing is easy.
There is no odor and no color, so the construction site is not restricted.

soufa is a flame retardant that works well on cellulose. Since paper is also a cellulosic material, it can provide flame retardancy. According to our knowledge, smaller amounts are more effective than existing flame retardants.

Now, one of the reasons that soufa is easy to apply to paper is that it can be post-installed. It is considered that treatment with a coating machine is also possible.

Because it is water-soluble, it can be installed later in various ways. It may also be possible to mix in the manufacturing process.

And in the case of soufa aqueous solution, the application performance can be adjusted by adjusting the degree of application and concentration. If you want to increase flame retardancy, you can increase the amount of coating or increase the concentration. Therefore, you can adjust the amount of application from when you want to make it completely non-combustible to when you want it to burn to some extent.

It is expected that the effect will be effective when the amount of solid components is about 4% by weight.
However, the effect may differ depending on the material, and the pulp tends to harden. Therefore, it is necessary to add a softener such as urea as necessary.

No cases such as yellow discoloration have been reported.


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