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Aqueous flame retarder

Grass fa is an aqueous flame retarder.
Hot water (about 80 ℃) threw 300g and expanded a sale to about 200 grams of best boron powder by an animation.
Animation image quality is indistinct, so it’s incomprehensible, I dissolve. It’ll be an aqueous solution of roughly 40 percent concentration.

When the temperature of the water is raised more, I increase in the clarity.

It was soaked in soufa40 percent concentration aqueous solution including xerographic paper, a cardboard box and a tissue.

For approximate water and the same feel of a material, the impregnation is easy.
After impregnation, I made them dry naturally for 1 day.

I’ll ignite here. I indurate overall as the feel of a material.

It’s a high concentration aqueous solution, so incombustibility becomes quite high.
A tissue is hardened. We don’t assume that the density is lowered for the effect to here.
It’s felt that the use by indurating conversely may be considered.

When it’s broken, it’s crispy.


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