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Bamboo incombustibility and flame retardancy

In some cases, bamboo is used as an interior design.
At that time, they seem to face the need for certification of semi-combustible materials.
At present, there is no bamboo material that has obtained noncombustibility certification as far as we know.

There is a related project of our company which aims at noncombustibility certification by infiltrating SOUFA into bamboo.
In fact, there was one big problem here.

Bamboo is not a timber but a “grass” in classification. (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)
When it came to that, it was understood that it did not correspond to “tree” of noncombustibility certification, and there was no corresponding item in the first place.

Therefore, it is necessary to have those rules changed in order to obtain noncombustibility certification for bamboo.
This is something that can not be done overnight, and it is a problem that can not be solved unless political movements are considered in a complex way.


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