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Flame retardation of electronic circuits printed on paper

I think it would be possible to use paper soufa to easily impart flame retardancy to paper.

Since it can be made flame-retardant by painting or spraying it on paper, it is easy to make copy paper etc. flame-retardant.
The texture is almost the same as water.

Since soufa has the property of hardening pulp slightly, please apply while maintaining the texture and balance.
The flame retardant effect on paper is extremely high, and there is almost no toxicity, so it is easy to handle.

The degree of flame retardancy can be adjusted by the amount applied.
If it is not enough, apply it twice. If that doesn’t work, apply it three times.
Alternatively, it can be diluted with water.

Since it can be blown with a spray, it is easier to use a sprayer if the construction range is wide.


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