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Use SOUFA to discuss with fire department

Since there are so many inquiries, they are summarized below. please refer.

The following is a document to discuss with the other party when guidance is received from the fire department.
please refer.
However, it cannot always be cleared, so please respond by yourself.

This is a comparison of the combustion of 150g / m2 SOUFA coated and dried specimens and untreated specimens.
I ignite the cloth impregnated with kerosene. The SOUFA treated specimen digested without ignition.
The untreated body has ignited. Once digested, combustion is resumed by blowing in the wind.

It is a movie that made kitchen paper flame-retardant. A very easy-to-understand difference comes out.
Flame retarded paper tube. Approximately 110% processed by weight after drying. There is also a considerable difference here.

Products that apply SOUFA to wooden boards as a flame retardant have obtained flameproof certification.
Here, SOUFA was applied to a cedar board and a prescribed test was performed.
Please note that fire certification and noncombustibility certification are different. Please check here for details.

SOUFA (Sodium Polyborate) has been proven to be pharmaceutically compatible.

This is a wooden partition that has been brush-coated with a soufa aqueous solution on a cedar board and obtained flameproof certification.
In addition, since flame proof certification etc. is based on factory production in principle, it is not recognized as flame proof certified product on site treatment,
I think that you can get a certain evaluation by explaining that it is the drug you are using.
One of the criteria used by the fire department is fire protection certification.

Please explain that it is the same drug used for the above certification.

In addition to the above, there are many burning test videos uploaded on Youtube,
please refer.
It can be found by searching for “SOUFA Combustion Test”.

Flame, flame and non-flammability are often opaque and there is no clear standard for fire fighting.
The materials given when you contact us are listed above.

You can use the materials and videos. Please use this to discuss with the department in charge.
SOUFA is sold below. We will ship it as soon as it is ready, so if it is normal, it will arrive within a few days, so please purchase it here.

By the way, it seems that many fire department personnel do not know the difference between “flameproof materials” and “non-combustible materials”. For this reason, there are cases in which when you ask for guidance, “Please treat with non-combustible materials.” Especially if it is said to be treated with non-combustible materials … This is unfortunately over. This is because there are no paints that can be made non-flammable by post-installation due to the non-flammable certification system. It is advisable to talk as much as possible to prevent this keyword from appearing, or to discuss in advance the differences between flameproof certification and nonflammability certification.



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