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The aqueous solution which can make paper flame resisting. It’s possible to adjust the flame resisting degree.

soufa can make paper and pulp flame resisting easily.
Toxicity is the water-soluble boron system flame retarder, and a very low flame retarder. Sprayer building can also be done, so the processing is also easy.
There is a feature to which I say that a building place isn’t also limited because it’s also odorless and also colorless.

soufa is a flame retarder really effective in cellulose. Paper is also cellulosic material, so incombustibility can be given. I’m thinking it has effect higher than an existence flame retarder by a little by our knowledge.

Now, to be able to build also can be named as the reason that soufa is easy to apply to paper. I can think the processing in nurikoukinado is also possible.

It’s water-soluble, so it can be built by various ways from later. To be crowded will mix and is also possible by a manufacturing process.

And in case of a soufa aqueous solution, the giving performance can be adjusted by the application degree and density control. When I’d like to raise incombustibility more, coating weight is increased, and the density, oh, you can answer with doing. Therefore the degree which is here from the case I’d like to make more incombustible perfectly can be adjusted by coating weight until the case such as wanting you to burn.

It seems to show the effect by 4 weight % degree-by solid body ingredient amount for the most part.
But, a possibility that material NI is different in the effect and pulp tend to become solid, so it’s necessary to add the softner which is urea as the need arises.

The case by which it’s for the yellowed color isn’t rising.

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