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American Kansai Termite Termite Test Cleared

A test was conducted on the termite resistance of the termite in the United States using a soufa aqueous solution (16% concentration product) in the laboratory of Professor Yoshimura, Kyoto University, our advisor, and the effect of the surface treatment was demonstrated.
2018 SOUFA American Kansai Termite Performance Test

In the test, the surface treatment specimen for termite test specified in JIS K 1571: 2010 was used. Currently, there is no official method regarding the preventive effect of Hyopium treatment on American termites, and therefore no performance standards have been established. However, the performance standard of 3% or less weight loss specified by the Japan Wood Preservation Association has been established. If applied mutatis mutandis, the surface treatment by SOUFA has passed the test.

Let’s look at the test piece in more detail.
Here is the processed piece of wood. 110g / ㎡ soufa is applied according to jis regulations.


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