How to obtain chemical solution for non-combustible wood [soufa]

soufa sells sodium polyborate solution for non-combustible wood.
There is no particular restriction on how to use it, so we use it according to the usage of each company.

Probably the only company that offers this type of wood flame retardant.
Manufacturers of non-combustible wood often develop chemicals for their products, so it seems that they do not basically sell chemicals only, which means that they lose their know-how.

Some manufacturers of non-combustible wood use flame-retardant manufacturers directly to make use of them, but since such information does not leak to the outside, it is quite difficult to obtain materials for flame retardants for wood. not.

There was a consultation from a lumber company the other day.
He is considering making non-combustible wood, but he is too opaque to understand what it is.

Our company basically does not manufacture incombustible wood in our company, so we recognize that providing a drug does not create a rivalry. Therefore, we provide drugs to each company.

In fact, in recent years, there have been more studies of application to other materials than wood.
Paper, pulp, building materials, resins, etc. We have begun offering products in various fields. Inquiries from the start of powder production have increased.

However, our company is originally specialized in flame retardant wood, so we have little knowledge about materials other than wood. Therefore, various tests will be conducted by companies.

Our main business is to sell flame retardants, so if you have any questions, please contact us.


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