Constructability of SOUFA Aqueous flame retardant

Aqueous flame retardant highly effective against cellulose.

It has the same texture as water. Non-toxic and odorless, so it can be applied safely.
The green wood in the video is coated with a water-based stain. It has water repellency, so it seems to repel some of the SOUFA. However, it didn’t soak into the wood at all, and as time went by, it was absorbed. There is no evidence of subsequent staining.
The solid wood can be installed without any problems.
If you want to apply XylaDecor in combination with SOUFA, please apply XylaDecor after SOUFA. In reverse order, SOUFA may not be absorbed.
There will be no white smear after drying for both materials. If it is only a brush coating, there is not much chance of it turning white. If you soak the material in water, there is a possibility that white stains may occur on humid days.
It has the same texture and evaporation rate as water. Therefore, it has excellent workability.


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